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Q: How many years of experience do I need to come to Polo Camp?

A: We typically don't try to classify skill level by years.  If you've just started playing polo or haven't really attended many tournaments.. Definitely come to camp!  If you play pick up once a week for fun and haven't really gotten into the competitive tournament play yet.. come to camp.   If you feel like you are making tournament rounds and getting close to the podium (or even on the podium), you may not get what you want out of camp.  

Q: What does my $125 camp fee go towards?

A: Great question!  We've actually had to increase the price this year due to having to pay out of our own pocket the past 2 years to ensure everyone has the best experience.  While the camp fee doesn't cover everything, it is used to pay for Coaches' Travel and coaches' accommodations, Camp T-shirts, Prizes, Food (Breakfast AND Lunch both Saturday and Sunday), Snacks, Beverages, Polo balls, and other miscellaneous supplies that pop up unexpectedly.   

Q: What do I learn at camp?

A: Saturday, you will get an hour with each coach in small groups of 5 or 6.  Each Coach will be teaching Shooting, Passing, Defense, Ball Handling/Control, Bike Handling/Control and for Lexington, we are adding Court Positioning/Strategy.  Sunday you will get teamed up with a squad and participate in a full day tournament with your own personal Coach.

Q: What else should I know about camp before signing up?

A: Travel to/from Lexington and accommodations are up to you.  We will provide some potential options like camping spot suggestions and try to connect you with other campers to go in on an airbnb/lodging together.   Camp starts Friday afternoon (pickup), Saturday starts early around 9am, pick up after classes (around 6pm) and then Sat night party.  Sunday, Tournament starts at 9am and will go late.. probably 8pm and then there is an awards gathering.  You will also need to bring a bike and mallet. 

Q: What is the Ash Scholarship?

A: We created a scholarship for Women/Trans/Femme/Non-Binary Players to cover camp entry fees to honor Ash Young's Legacy.  When you register, if you would like to attend camp and can cover your travel/expenses, please check the box that you would like to apply for the scholarship to pay ($125) your entry through the Scholarship.  

Polo Camp Registration ($125)

Food Questions
(housing is limited, but if it's available, are you needing it?

Once you register, you will get a payment request within a week (if applicable).  Can't wait to see you in Lexington!!

If you need additional help, email

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